Saturday, August 20, 2011


Table manners.  What can I say?  The simple things in life matter, and table manners are important.  I would prefer all my dining partners had table manners.  I can remember many times as a child being told not to smack or talk with my mouth full of food and to get my elbows off the table!
I came from a hard working family, so eating was big - 3 square meals a day with an afternoon snack.  Mom always had more than enough food prepared and we usually ate at the same times each day.  After everyone was seated at the table, we graced the meal with a prayer.  How many people do that in their busy lives today?  I believe this is one family tradition that needs to be instilled for at least one meal each day. It's definitely an easy way to reconnect with your family members and to teach the art of conversation.  Table manners are easy to pick up when you dine together as a family. 
I came across this article by Paula Deen, my favorite Southern lady who is a great believer in family and makes great tasting meals.

When do you start eating?

Paula's article stated in most situations, you begin eating when the hostess does.  My rule of thumb, has always been to wait until everyone was seated and the blessing was said.  And yes, you do place your napkin in your lap before you "dig" in!

Which way should the food be passed?
Pass food to the right, and only pass it in one direction. If you are at a restaurant, your server will present your plate to your left and remove it from your right.
Check out Paula Deen for other aspects of good table decorum by Cindy Edwards.

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