Friday, November 6, 2015


I am thankful for my siblings. 
Our opinions and viewpoints may vary from time to time,
 but at heart, we are alike in our core beliefs. 

Growing up in a family of five children (me being the 4th in line), as most younger sisters do; I thought my oldest brother "hung the moon". He was fun loving and popular, a high school basketball star, and a teenage rebel. Since both of our parents are deceased, I consider him the head of the family. Even though he is no longer a rebel, I still enjoy listening to his youthful escapades! Love you Harold.

My second oldest brother and I share the "pack rat" family gene. I must admit he is 100x the hoarder than me; although my husband would probably disagree! I appreciate his role of being our family historian, and the "center" for family gatherings and my trips home. I enjoy working with him hosting our annual Thanksgiving dinner. We are like two little old ladies in our planning. My grandchildren love going to his house so the can gather eggs, play pool, and eat his country breakfasts! Love you Gerald.

One of my earliest childhood memories was when my youngest brother was born and came home from the hospital. I vividly remember watching my parents as they walked up the icy sidewalk to our front porch. Since we were closest in age, we were playmates. This is probably the reason why I was a tomboy! As the youngest he was thoroughly spoiled, and he usually got "me" in trouble in our escapades! Love you Carl.

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