Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It is very important to choose a skillful breast cancer surgeon who you are confident will remove "all" the breast cancer. The next concern is to find a skillful plastic surgeon who can do the reconstruction. For me, the removal of the breast tissue would be the easier procedure; whereas putting "the girls" back together would be more challenging. Breast reconstruction is a bit more detailed than having "implants" inserted, so it is very important to chose a qualified breast cancer reconstruction plastic surgeon. Your breast surgeon can help provide you with these references.

After viewing this link and video, I understood the various options before I consulted with Dr. Heistein. He explained the different reconstruction methods and what he felt would be my best options. I was able to touch the implant demos, so I could decide on saline vs silicone gel implants. The only concerns my family had was his facility was a 16-patient bed clinic. My daughter who works in a Ft. Worth trauma hospital was concerned with using a small facility. I highly value my daughter's medical opinion, so I became concerned. My fears were not with the skill of either surgeon, but my reaction to the anesthesia and if anything went "wrong" could they successfully take care of it. This is a result of my needing to be in "control". You definitely have no control here!

Before you undergo any surgery, you need to feel confident in all regards. This is where having a second opinion helps in your decision making.

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