Thursday, April 10, 2014


While waiting for a surgical date, I had my second opinion consult set up with Dr. Sally Knox at the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center on Wednesday, May 15th. I highly recommend second consults for everyone - this process enabled me to be very confident and knowledgeable about what I was undergoing. Sometimes you just need to hear things more than once.   
Before my consultation, Dr. Knox's office requested the mammogram/ultrasound/MRI films/CDs and biopsy pathology slides including all written reports. She was being very thorough in her assessment. Dr. Knox agreed with Dr. Brian's final prognosis. I felt more at ease with her "bedside" manner and step-by-step explanation of the procedure and aftermath. Her nurses were great in every detail. Dr. Knox scheduled blood work, an EKG, and plastic surgeon consult later that day. A bone scan was scheduled for Friday, May 17th to check if the cancer had traveled any where else and to use as a baseline for future comparison. 

Later in the day, I had a consult with her plastic surgeon, Dr. David Morales. He is located in the Baylor T. Boone Pickens Cancer Center directly across the street from the Sammons Center. Dr. Morales seemed to be a better "fit" for my personality. I decided to literally put my life in the skillful hands of the Knox-Morales team for the surgery which was then set for Thursday, May 23rd in a larger hospital. 

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  1. I'm glad you chose to get a second opinion. It helps to put one's mind at ease and it sounds like you are confidant and comfortable with the doctors who will be doing the surgery and in the hospital. And that is very important.