Sunday, April 13, 2014


As expected, I didn't sleep a lot the night before the surgery. I was resolved this was the right treatment plan for me and was ready to go. I prayed for God to be by my side and to guide the doctors and medical staff in their expertise so I had a successful surgery and recovery. I also prayed that we had detected the breast cancer early so it had not spread into my lymph nodes.

My husband and daughter had been by my side since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. They went to every doctor's appointment and procedure I had done. I cannot voice how important it is to have a support team in place while you are undergoing this journey. I appointed my daughter, Cathy, to be my medical advocate. I am a strong-minded individual and usually calm and in control during chaotic times.  No so during this life-threatening ordeal. When you hear the word "cancer" you tune out a lot of information. I hardly ever cry in public. There were several times when I couldn't talk because I was trying to hold myself together and not break down. At these times, Cathy would professionally gather all the information and ask my questions. Naturally, Pat and Cathy were with me for the surgery.

I ordered breast cancer sugar cookies from my neighborhood baker and put Cathy in charge of handing them out to the medical staff. Very early in the morning, our first stop was at the radiology unit to have the radioactive injection for the lymph nodes; then on to the surgical center. Janeen, a children's minister from Cathy's church, met us at the surgical center and stayed with us throughout the day. Not only is it important to have support for the patient, but also support for the care givers. I am so thankful Janeen and our cousins, Mike and Kathy, were there for Pat and Cathy.

In the OR holding area, I changed into the fashionable hospital gown and had all the preliminary work done. The OR nurses were great. Dr. Morales came in to mark me with a sharpie how he wanted Dr. Knox to make the incisions for breast removal. (This is important since he is the one putting the "girls" back together!) Cathy brought with her a large collection of cards and well-wishes from family, friends, and neighbors. We laughed and cried as she read them to me. This helped to pass the time and keep my mind at ease while waiting for the surgery. The last thing I remember is getting the relaxation medication, Janeen praying over me, and saying good bye to everyone. 

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