Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My second post-op visit with Dr. Morales was on Wednesday, June 5th. Thank goodness, he removed my drains! I can't stress how irritating the drains were these past two weeks. Now I could take full showers if I had the drainage area sites covered. My surgical incisions were healing nicely.

I did have a "fill". This requires a numbing shot that was a bit painful, followed by the saline filling insertion. That was awful! I had a hard time sleeping that night; it felt like a rubber band was around my chest. The tightness was due to my skin and muscles being stretched for the implants. I reminded myself the end result would be worth it!

The next day, Thursday, June 6th, I met with my medical oncologist, Dr. John Pippen, in the Sammons Cancer Center. After reviewing my medical history, he said I was borderline for chemotherapy, but I would definitely need to take an estrogen blocker (my cancer tumor was positive for estrogen and progesterone). Since he was undecided about chemotherapy, he suggested having the genomic Oncotype DX test on my cancer tumor to determine the chances of it returning. Based upon the results he could determine which type of chemotherapy to give me; if I needed it.

Luckily, the insurance company provided coverage; so they scheduled the genomic testing on my tumor. The results would be in about 2-3 weeks. Another waiting game. This link shows several videos regarding this genomic testing on cancer tumors. I prayed the technicians had the expertise to provide accurate results, so Dr. Pippen could recommend the best treatment for my breast cancer. 

While waiting for the Oncotype DX test results, I had more visits with Dr. Knox and Dr. Morales. I had another "fill" by Dr. Morales. We would continue with "fills" until we reached the desired size. My temporary "foobies" (fake boobies) were developing. The term "foobies" came from Amy. You must keep a sense of humor! I plan to buy this t-shirt for my one-year survival anniversary celebration.
On Tuesday, June 18th, Raven, Dr. Pippen's nurse, called with the Oncotype DX test results. Zero percent chance of this specific breast cancer re-occurring. Unbelievable! Raven said this was the first time Dr. Pippen ever received a report of 0%! Since Dr. Pippen was out of the country on a medical mission, I would see him on July 11th for his assessment. My tears this time were tears of joy. Thank you, Jesus!

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