Saturday, April 12, 2014


My surgery date was set for Thursday, May 23. Remember, I initially had my mammogram on April 2, so there was a long interval between diagnosis and the surgery date due to the scheduling of doctors' appointments, lab work, scans, and time to get the results.

In hindsight, even though this waiting time was nerve wracking, I think it provided me the time I needed to get centered and ready for the surgery. Admittedly, I am a control freak and I needed to understand the process, feel confident about my decisions, and overcome my fear of the anesthesia.  I needed to get my household in order, and frankly; I needed my quiet time with God. I think one of the reasons I was fairly calm on the surgery date was because I placed my faith in God that he would be there holding my right hand during the entire ordeal. It meant a lot to me that I had a tremendous amount of people praying for me and providing emotional support.

Wednesday, May 22, my daughter and I spent the day together. We visited with Dr. Morales in the morning, had lunch, and just relaxed together. In the afternoon Dr. Knox's nurse called to review everything. That night the anesthesiologist called and explained in detail his part of the surgery. Since this was my major concern, he was able to waylay a lot of my fears and anxiety. My overnight bag was packed.

Let's get this breast cancer out of my body!

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