Saturday, April 19, 2014


I saw Dr. Morales on Wednesday, August 31 for a re-check and to schedule the reconstruction surgery for Thursday, September 19. I am ready to have this done and move on with living!

After dealing with breast cancer and all the emotional ups and downs; my birthday this year held extra-special meaning for me. Number 1, I was alive; and Number 2, it seemed like I was beating this cancer! We had relatives in for the weekend and celebrated each day with good food and companionship. My daughter, Cathy, posted a birthday message to me on Facebook which touched my heart. 
"Happy, happy birthday to my mom! 
What a tremendous example you have set on 
how to be a loving mom and a faithful person 
walking through your cancer this year. 
I am thankful you are healthy and MY mom! 
Love you." 

This brought tears to my eyes and made my day. We have always had a very close relationship and this breast cancer journey has deepened our appreciation and love for one another. I could not have gone through this without her.

My husband, Pat, gave me a beautiful James Avery cross necklace that I had wanted for a long time. He has been my strong partner throughout this journey, and as always, my champion.

My three brothers who live in Missouri called and we had good chats. My son, John, and granddaughter, Anneliesa, made baked goodies for me. Unexpectedly, our next door neighbor brought fresh cut flowers and a card. Overall, it was a great birthday. I pray that I will have many more to celebrate!

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